Malossi Performance Parts -
The Premier Performance Parts manufacturer in Europe

Malossi are without doubt the premier manufacturer of performance parts for Scooters "probably" in the world
With Malossi there is much more to performance than just a Big Bore Kit. Malossi offer:- Carb Kits, GearUp Kits, Multivar Variators, Boost Bottles, Delta Clutches, Competition Brake Discs, Competition Disc Pads & Brake Shoes, Race Exhausts, Kevlar Belts, High Performance Electronic Coils, Torque Drivers, Race Ignition Systems, Rollers and much, much more. If you ride a conventional geared scooter (Classic) or a new generation automatic scooter (Auto) make Malossi your first choice for quality and performance. No matter what scooter you own Malossi can offer you Performance and at sensible prices.
Malossi offer everything to enhance the performance of your scooter. They produce a fantastic range of items made for a huge range of machines. There are Malossi Variators that turn engine power into performance at the rear wheel, Kevlar belts that last longer and keep their construction better than any standard belt. There are Delta and Fly clutches. The Fly clutch is better than standard, whilst the Delta is the top of the tree in competition clutches. Lastly in the drive department there is the Winged Clutch Bell, created from years of track wins to enhance the performance on road machines. It disipates the heat better, keeps it's shape under stress, and all in all it's the best clutch bell there is.
Malossi Carburettor Kits are designed specially for designated machines. They come already jetted to work with the Malossi big bore kit. The Malossi carb kit comes ready to bolt on and has all the fittings to cater for remote or cable choke, and the type of filter being used. Again Malossi offer a range of original Red sponge filters to fit inside your airbox, or you can fit the Red Sports filter that clips onto the front of the carburettor. Whatever filter you choose, you'll be sure to get the extra performance that such a part delivers. Note :- The carburettor may require rejetting if you fit an aftermarket exhaust system or you change the air filter. Jets are available from our VE (UK) Appointed dealer network.

The Malossi range includes the RS range of Rear Dampers that offer extra high quality Shock Absorbers for a full range of Automatic Scooters covering almost every current automatic model. Malossi's RS range of Dampers are designed with safety in mind. Better handling transmits the performance throughout the scooter.

On our RS24 their are 24 dampening settings and more, preload adjustable settings are available to suit your needs. Whilst our RS10 models, and our RS3 models are also available. Look closely at the Malossi RS range of High Quality, High Performance Shock Absorbers, they give you safety with Performance, available only for most automatic scooters.

The Malossi F32 and F36R Fork Assemblies give stability beyond normal road use. Designed from many years of race track use, the Malossi F32 and F36R Front Fork sets are sure to give you the ultimate in handling performance. The F32 model comes with an Oversize Front Brake disc for the Gilera Runner 125/180, has dampening and pre-load adjustments and comes with 32mm fork legs.

The F36R model is the top of the range with a 4 pot caliper replacing the standard caliper supplied with your Gilera Runner. 36mm fork legs, compression and rebound adjustment as well as dampening and pre-load adjustments, brings the specification of the F36R forks to the highest available, anywhere for a scooter.

With any High Performance engine, oil is your first concern. Our full race Malossi/Piaggio engines rev to over 14,000 Rpm, with a bore size of only 47mm. With that sort of performance you need an oil that carries guarantee's with it, With flag to flag reliable performance, from Malossi 7.1 Oil you will not suffer from lubrication .

An oil that has been race proven for many years, without a failure due to lubrication. Quality oil such as Malossi is not cheap, then again neither is the money you have invested in your engine. Get it right, get Malossi Oil and get an oil that is designed for your engine.

Visit our Officially Appointed Malossi Tech Centres page to locate a Malossi Tech Centre or appointed VE dealer near you. Visit and locate your offically appointed agent for Malossi Performance Products.

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